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We knew we had to build a unique electronic medical record (EMR) from scratch to fit our environment, patient population, and clinician needs. 


Our EMR needed to:


a) be easy to use

b) house critical clinical data and documentation

c) be a conduit to instantly communicate with patients 

We leveraged the most ubiquitous computing device available to Nigerians and West Africa - our smartphones. We have created "SignOut" an EMR that is a downloadable app. 

With the app, our patients are able to communicate directly with their surgery team, ask questions, and follow the step-by-step instructions that we deliver for them to recover quickly at home. Our clinicians are able to document, trend labs and vitals, review study results, and write prescriptions all while on the go, even when abroad.


We utilized the latest in cloud-security to keep our patient data safe and adhere to the stringent privacy laws that form the backbone of HIPAA, the US healthcare security standard. The power of the app positions it to become a rapidly adopted standard within Nigeria, ensuring that our patients' care is well documented and organized, no matter at what institution they seek care. 

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